How to TRULY Enjoy Ramen at Ramen Yamadaya

We head to Ramen Yamadaya in Costa Mesa, CA for some delicious golden strings aka ramen. I get the spiciest Tonkotsu ramen they have which is Level 3 and of course it’s a must to top it off with some fresh garlic. If you have never had fresh garlic in your ramen, you have not lived! Nhi gets the Tonkotsu Kotteri which has zero spice in it because she is a weak sauce, just kidding she can take some pretty spicy foods. Follow us to see how you can get the full ramen experience too.

Thử Thách Ăn Mì Cay Cấp Độ 3!

Ramen Yamadaya
1175 Baker St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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