The Meaning of KPop Star G-Dragon’s Tattoo

G-Dragon’s tattoos running heart, “vita dolce” and “moderato” located on his inner arms are real. ‘vita dolce’ is Italian for “sweet life” and moderato “moderate” (but also used as a musical term). The tattoos seen in the Dirty Cash MV and in The Real DVD photobook were temporary tattoos. G-Dragon’s tattoos were done in May of 2007 by Carey Heart (husband of the U.S. artist, Pink) at his famous tattoo parlor “Hart & Huntington Tattoo Parlor” at Palms Casino located in Las Vegas. You can find his tattoo and other celebrity tattoos at

Close Encounters in Little Saigon

Just a guy trying to survive driving through the dangerous streets of Garden Grove & Westminster. Today this lady pulled out in front of me as I was going through the intersection. I dodged her recklessness thanks to my cat-like reflexes.