FINALLY Found A Mini Classic NES

It took over a month but it’s here! I was one of the lucky ones that were able to snag one of these Nintendo Classic Mini’s from Amazon when they first launched. Here is where you can find one:

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Have Trouble Sleeping?

I’ve been testing this device for the past week and it works surprisingly well. I have thin walls all around me so any sounds come across clear as day.  I have been sleeping was with a floor fan that I turn on low speed just for the sound but the con is that it makes my room freezing at night. This is perfect by giving me the same “fan sound” without the air blowing around the room.


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Best Smartwatch of 2016

I often get asked “What is the best smart watch I should buy right now?”, and my answer this year has always been the Pebble Time. It’s a great all around watch with a minimalist design, superb battery life, clear display and my favorite feature: CLICKY BUTTONS WOOOOOO! It works out of the box for both Android and iOS.


The band is 22mm and removable so you can swap it to your liking depending on the occasion. I love the metal mesh band which I purchased from HERE. It looks sleek enough for casual use and classy enough for the office as well. The swap was painless since it comes with the tools needed to remove and install the band. The price point is perfect at only $79 compared to the other expensive smartwatches out there. If you’re looking for the best smartwatch of 2016, check it out on Amazon with the following link.

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Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips

I needed a special kind of chip in my life. Something that is cheesy and that would make me cry with every bite. I found the one..Paqui Haunted Ghost Chips. Not as deadly as their “One Chip Challenge” variety but this will do the job.

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NES Classic Edition Killer

NES Classic Edition Mini….If you are among the thousands of people who couldn’t get their hands on one at launch, there is a second chance to get something even better. I’m talking about the Retrobit Generations Console which is going for the same price as the Nintendo console and has HDMI output, 2 controllers included, and an overall better game library. 100 games to be exact. Go ahead and dive into that nostalgia with some memberberries.

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