Viofo A119 Best Dashcam For Under $100

Just got this in the mail and was excited to unbox this baby. The best bang for the buck dashcam on the market that is 2K 1440P HD video recording. I got it from this seller: Here

The Meaning of KPop Star G-Dragon’s Tattoo

G-Dragon’s tattoos running heart, “vita dolce” and “moderato” located on his inner arms are real. ‘vita dolce’ is Italian for “sweet life” and moderato “moderate” (but also used as a musical term). The tattoos seen in the Dirty Cash MV and in The Real DVD photobook were temporary tattoos. G-Dragon’s tattoos were done in May of 2007 by Carey Heart (husband of the U.S. artist, Pink) at his famous tattoo parlor “Hart & Huntington Tattoo Parlor” at Palms Casino located in Las Vegas. You can find his tattoo and other celebrity tattoos at

We Went to Hell in Da Lat, Vietnam!

Figuratively, we went to hell. We visit Chùa Linh Phước aka Chùa Ve Chai (Glass Bottle Temple). Known for its name from the huge 50 Meter dragon out front made out of over 12,000 beer bottles! That’s a lot of drinking! The temple is located at 120 Tu Duc, just 8 KM from downtown Da Lat, Vietnam. Good thing I always have a dreamcatcher when I sleep at night for cases like these. Nice decorative piece that catches the bad dreams which can be found here:

Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Samsung Gear S3 Needs Improvement

I tried to really like the Samsung Gear S3 but couldn’t. The cons outweigh the pros too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, the S3 is a very capable smart watch with all the latest tech including the awesome MST chip to use with Samsung Pay. My top 3 things the Gear S3 can improve on.

1. The Size
I don’t have the biggest wrists so this thing looks like I found this in my father’s closet and decided to wear it. This isn’t the ideal watch for women or guys with small wrists. The Gear S2 was the perfect balance between the two.

2. Price
Prices start at $299 for both the Frontier and Classic models. Smartwatch interest has been static over the last couple years and I think due to the price of them. I think the sweet spot for this watch should be $150-$200.

3. Tizen and Samsung Apps
If there were Google apps on the phone it would make this thing fantastic. S Voice can not get definitions or even simple web searches with your voice. It can dictate voice decently but for anything else is very lacking. Tizen does not have many useful apps compared to Android and there are many people who prefer using Google apps over Samsung.

With that said don’t let that stop you from enjoying the watch though. You can purchase it HERE on Amazon. I am currently wearing a Samsung Gear S2 which I got for only $99 refurbished on Amazon and am liking it so far. There isn’t many reasons for me to upgrade to the S3 so this will be my go to smartwatch until the next big thing.

FINALLY Found A Mini Classic NES

It took over a month but it’s here! I was one of the lucky ones that were able to snag one of these Nintendo Classic Mini’s from Amazon when they first launched. Here is where you can find one:

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Have Trouble Sleeping?

I’ve been testing this device for the past week and it works surprisingly well. I have thin walls all around me so any sounds come across clear as day.  I have been sleeping was with a floor fan that I turn on low speed just for the sound but the con is that it makes my room freezing at night. This is perfect by giving me the same “fan sound” without the air blowing around the room.


$40.99 See Deal